Lambrusco Chicken



Ingredients for 4 people:
6 chicken thighs
500ml (17.6UKfloz or 16.9USAfloz) dry lambrusco
1 celery small stalk
1 small carrot
1 small onion
1 rosemary sprig
2 garlic cloves
2 spoons of wine vinegar
1 spoon of flour
Extra virgin olive oil


Skin the chicken thighs. Trim the fat and put the thighs in a small container then completely cover it whit lambrusco. Mince carrot, celery and onion and put it in the container. Cover it then put it in the fridge for twelve hours. Leave the chicken from the container and filter the lambrusco. Put oil, garlic (don’t skin it) and rosemary in a pan. Lightly fry garlic and rosemary until they left their flavour to the oil, then leave them from the pan. Put the chicken in the pan and brown it on all sides and leave it from the pan. Put celery, carrot and onion filtered from the wine in the pan and make it melt in the oil. Mix vinegar and flour with the oil. Once vinegar vanishes add the filtered lambrusco. When lambrusco boil put the chicken in the pan and cover it. Turn the chicken and add bouillon if it comes too dry. Add salt and pepper. Serve with boiled potatoes or sweet-and-sour onions.


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