In-jail cotechino



Ingredients for 6 people:
1 700gr (24.7oz or 1.54lbs) cotechino (Italian spiced pork sausage)
1 500gr (17.7oz or 1.1lbs) veal brisket slice (long and thin)
1 200gr (7.1oz or 0.44lbs) large “prosciutto crudo” slice (italian dry-cured ham)
1 onion
500ml (17.6UKfloz or 16.9USAfloz) bouillon
500ml (17.6UKfloz or 16.9USAfloz) dry lambrusco
4 spoons olive oil


Boil cotechino in a pot. When half coocked leave cotechino from the pot, let it cold and skin it. Beat the brisket slice to make it thiner then possible. Light salt the brisket. Roll the ham and the brisket slice on cotechino. Tie the roll with a string. Put oil in a saucepan and make it hot. When oil is hot put the roll and sliced onion in the saucepan. Completely cover cotechino with bouillon and lambrusco (equal proportion). Cover the saucepan and cook it for long time and low flame turning the roll sometimes. Ther roll is ready when bouillon and lambrusco are almost vanished. Take the roll, let it cold then slice it regularly. Filter the cooking sauce and warm it with the roll slice. Serve it.


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